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Buying A Used Hybrid Car

There are lots of used hybrid cars on the market nowadays. Buying used can be great way to save money on a hybrid. Before buying a used hybrid car, you'll want to have it inspected and there are some extra things to check out when buying a one that you don't have to look at on a traditional car.

7 Car Washing Tips

Your car's exterior is constantly under attack when driving. Tree sap, pollen, road grim, bird droppings, and bugs are just some of the substances assaulting your paint. These substances can help break down your paint over time and eventually lead to rust if bare metal gets exposed. You can easily keep your car looking good and protect your paint with these car washing tips.

Warranties For Used Cars

When you purchase a brand new car, it is covered under a warranty backed by the manufacturer. A new car buyer can feel confident that if something goes wrong with the car during the warranty period, the problem will be fixed by the manufacturer at no cost. What about used cars? Can used car buyers get coverage to protect against unexpected repair bills?
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About Condition Now

Our nationwide network of inspectors have years of experience determining evidence of previous repairs using our proprietary procedure specifically designed to ensure accuracy They employ both a trained eye and the latest paint metering technology to give you the most accurate and objective previous repair report available.

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