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How To Write A Good Car Ad

Tips For Creating An Effective Listing To Sell Your Car

Posting a car for sale on The Road Code is quick and easy to do. Here are some tips for creating a great ad that will help sell your car as fast as possible.

  • Gather Your Car’s Information -

    Before posting an ad to sell your car, gather all information you’ll need about your vehicle. Click HERE for more info.
  • Write a Detailed Description -

    Enter a detailed description in the “Description” field so people will have a good impression of the car you're selling. Click HERE for more info.
  • Use Quality Lots of Quality Photos -

    Include pictures in your car ad. People will always pay more attention to an ad that has pictures than one that doesn’t. Click HERE for more info.
  • Enter contact information -

    Every Road Code vehicle ad you create requires entry of a Contact Email (don't worry, it's NOT publicly visible). For more info on best practices for contact information, click HERE.
  • Enter keywords

    Include appropriate keywords in the “Keywords” field. Click HERE for more info.

What Information Do You Need For a Car Ad?

Before posting an ad to sell your car, gather all information you’ll need on your vehicle. You’ll want to know the following details about your car -

Model Year
Price you will ask
VIN (vehicle identification number)
Standard Equipment
Optional Equipment

Also make sure to take current photos of your car to use in the ad.

How to Write a Good Description

A detailed, well written description in your classified listing will make people more likely to contact you. While you shouldn’t make the description too lengthy, give enough detail you make your classified listing stand out. Also make sure to check spelling and capitalization. Avoid using “texting language.”

Here is a “good” car ad description example -

“2009 Honda Accord EX. 4 cyl. engine with automatic transmission. Runs great. All maintenance up to date. Paint is in nice shape with only a few small chips. Has great sounding aftermarket stereo system. Car has 52,000 miles. Contact me for more info or to set up a time to view the car.”

Here is a “bad” description example -

“2009 honda 4 sale run good plz txt me”

Which ad would you respond to?

Why Images are Important!

Potential car buyers are more likely look at your ad and contact you if you include photos in your listing. Many people won’t even click on an ad if they don’t see a photo of your car in the search results

The Road Code allows you to upload 30 photos per listing.
The first photo will be the photo people see as your listing thumbnail.
You can rearrange the order of your photos

While your car's photos don’t need to be taken by a professional photographer, following these few tips will make people take your classified listing seriously.

Make sure the pictures are in focus, not blurry.

Lighting - Make sure it’s not too dark where you take your pictures. If using a flash, make sure your flash doesn’t “wash out” details you're trying to photograph.

Take pictures close enough so people can get a good view of your car.

Clean your car thoroughly before taking the photos. If your car is dirty, it won't look very appealing to buyers. Cleaning it up for the photos will help generate much more interest in your ad.

Take photos all around the car - front, back, and both sides. Also take detailed pictures of the interior, the engine, and the trunk.

Do I need to list my contact info?

The Road Code requires a Contact Email address for each vehicle listing. Including a name, phone number, or website URL is optional.

Your Contact Email WILL NOT be exposed to the public. It will only be used to forward messages to you via our anonymous messaging system when someone contacts your car ad. 

You will sell your car faster if you are easy for people to get in contact with. A name, email address & phone number will make it easy for people to reach you.

If you have a preferred contact method and time, state it in your your ad's description - “Please call between 8 am and 8 pm. “ or “Please email me with your phone number and I’ll get back to you.”

If somebody emails you or leaves a message about your car ad, try to follow up quickly. If you take too long to respond, the person may have already purchased a car from somebody else and won’t be interested in yours anymore.

If you use a different email address for your Road Code ad other than your regular personal email, be sure to check it often.

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