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Road Code Vehicle Marketplace FAQs

Q. What is The Road Code?
A. is a FREE online vehicle marketplace for cars & other vehicles. Our primary focus is used cars from private sellers and independent auto dealers.

Q. What types of vehicles can be listed on The Road Code?
A. We currently accept Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and Boats. 

Q. Who can sell vehicles on The Road Code?
A. Anyone can list vehicles for sale on The Road Code - whether you’re a dealership or private seller.

Q. What does the “Account Verified” symbol on some vehicle listings mean?
A. “Account Verified” means The Road Code has been in touch with the user who posted the listing and they have confirmed some basic details that they are most likely a legitimate seller or business.

Interested in having your Road Coad listings “Verified?” Just shoot us an email at or call us (201) 252-7623. It won’t cost you anything!

Q. How do I Create a Road Code listing for my car, boat, etc...?
A. Easy...Choose your category and fill in a few simple fields. It’s a user friendly and quick process!

Q. Can I include “hot” website links in my classified listing?
A. Yes. Any website address you put into the description field of your listing will be a clickable link.

You may also put a clickable link in the “Website Link” field in the “Contact Info” section of your listing.

Q. What does it cost to get my own Road Code vehicle listing?
A. Zip-Nothing-Nada- A.K.A FREE

Q. Email Verification - Why do I have to do it and how?
A. We require all new accounts to verify their email address before their listings will appear on our site. This is to cut down spam, as well as make sure you’ve accurately entered your email address.

Once you create your new account, The Road Code will send you an email with a verification link. Simply open the email message and click the link. That’s it! You’re all done and won’t have to ever do it again.

If you don’t see the verification email in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder.

You can also resend the verification email by clicking the link on the “My Listings” page of our site.

Q. “Your listing is not currently published...” - What does this mean?
A. Sometimes a listing may be flagged by our system for further review and you’ll see the message, “Your listing is not currently published. Please excuse us while our site administrators review your listing.”

 In this case, your vehicle listing will not be visible on the site until a human screener can further look at it.
  •  If everything’s OK, your listing will be published and you need take no further action. 
  •  If the listing violates our rules, it will be deleted. 

Q. How long does my Road Code vehicle listing last?
A. Road Code vehicle listings last 90 days. You’ll get an email a few days before its expiration letting you know it’s about to expire unless you renew it. If a Road Code vehicle listing is not renewed before expiration, the listing goes to “Listing Heaven”.

Q. How do I “top post” my listing?
A. Every time you renew or edit a listing, it will return to the top of the listing search results in its category.

Q. What are listing “Upgrades”?
A. While your Road Code listing is completely free of charge, we do offer some additional features to enhance your listing’s exposure for a nominal cost.
  • Economy Package - Listing is BOLD & Highlighted in search results + Bigger Thumbnail in search results.
  • Sport Package - Listing is BOLD Highlighted in search results + Bigger Thumbnail in search results + Listing is shown towards Top of search results.
  • Luxury Package - Listing is BOLD & Highlighted in search results + Bigger Thumbnail in search results + Listing is shown towards Top of search results + Listing is featured on our Home Page.

Q. How do I upgrade my listing?
A. After you create a listing, there will be a green “Promote Your Listing!” button at the top of your listing. Click that button to view your options.

You can also upgrade existing vehicle listings from the “My Listings” page and clicking the green “Upgrade” button for the appropriate listing. A grayed out "upgrade" button means you’ve already upgraded that listing.

Q. How long do paid upgrades last?
A. Paid upgrades last for 90 days from time of purchase.
  • If you delete your listing or it expires before 90 days, the upgrades expire, too. 
  • If you upgrade a free listing a while after creating the listing, then extend your listing before it expires, your paid upgrades will still be good for their remaining balance of time.
Example - You create a free listing (good for 90 days). You upgrade your listing 10 days later. Just before your listing expires, you extend it for 90 more days (for free). Your paid upgrades will still be applied to your listing for a further ten days. 

Q. Is there a limit to the amount of vehicle listings you can create?
A. No. You can create as many Road Code listings as you like. However, you may not create more than one listing for the same exact vehicle.

Q. I created a Road Code listing and it disappeared. What happened?
A. If your vehicle listing is no longer visible in the "Manage Your Road Code Listings" page and you did not delete it yourself, there could be several reasons:
  • the listing expired
  • the listing content duplicated one of your already existing listings and was deleted by our system
  • it was flagged as spam or a scam and deleted after further review.
  • it was deemed in violation of our Terms of Use and deleted
  • Contact us here if you feel your listing has disappeared in error.

Q. Oops... I made a mistake when I created my vehicle listing. Now what?!
A. No problem - just log into your account, click “My Listings” and edit the listing's content or completely delete the listing.

Q. I saw a vehicle listing that looks like a scam. How do I report it?
A. If you see a listing that may be a scam, contains something illegal that shouldn’t be posted, or is obvious spamming, you can report it by clicking the “Report Problem” link on the top, right-hand side of the listing.

You can also email us at

We take spam and fraud very seriously and appreciate your help in fighting it.

Q. Your site is perfect for me or my business to advertise on….How do I contact you?
A. Please email us at or give us a call @ 201-252-ROAD (7623). We like to work late, so don’t be shy.
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